Saturday, August 05, 2006

too much rendering!!!

just a close detail of the drapery on this current project. i told myself that i wouldn't be working so tight but somehow i have drifted back into the ultra rendering mode ... something that i am not too pleased with. i know i have to loosen her up gradually towards the bottom of the dress (no pun intended .. ha ha). we'll just have to wait and see how i am going to resolve this.


dex mission said...

still. very strong drawings.

if you want to draw more loose, can i suggest drawing with something very blunt? like a charcoal stick or one of those super duper think graphic pencils that look like a fat market more than anything....oh OR a dip pen.

sorry, i get carried away. how did the photopgraphing that mural work out for you by the way?

dex mission said...

just passing by to see what youve done :)

oh for your question... the initial drawing is 11"x17". sometimes ill paint on that as well and then scan it at 100% at 300 dpi. it ultimately will get shrunk down anyways so that is usually good enough. plus most printers will reduce files to 300 dpi unless its for something very particular.

im still really experimenting w/ what im doing now. im trying to find myself i guess. it can get very frustrating :( but like everything else, itll come in time....... i hope.

smearing graphite and charcoal? guessing trucks loads of fixative didnt work huh?

rodrigo said...

y'know light washes may work too. but i mean very very VERY light wash, start with pure water & a touch of color - so as to tint the image slightly. i find i get myself into the same corner... although i feel it looks fine the way it is, as the creator , im sure you have your own harsh criticism about it all..
beautiful work on here, will be back to see more..