Sunday, May 06, 2007

in progess ... still!!!

it's coming ...



how come is no comments on this MASTERPIECE?
Dude i love your is fucking great, really, love it.
So plastic and great volumes, they really look like sculptures....
I wonder.....are you selling them?
cause i am getting my flat soon and i would love to have one of those on my wall.

just tell me!

( =_=)/

anonymous10101 said...

thanks for the compliments cereal killer! the pieces are actually for a gallery showcase. I am running some limited edition large format prints soon. I will post them as soon as the test runs are complete.

by the way, i really like your slave girl piece! the linework and articulation is so delicate. quite a balanced piece!



hey, thanks for the comment!
Oh, would be a huge honour to receive that, here is my address:

Dan Cisneros
C/ Turin NÂș 9
41089 Montequinto
Sevilla SPAIN

Thanks in advance, slave girl you mean the one who looks like Alice in wonderland? I could send you back a print back if you want me to.

By the way, I´m amazed the way this piece is looking like.....I think i will start doing such classical stuff sooner or later cause this year i´m starting Arts University....let´s see how is going on cause i have to work and do that too!!!

Best Regards brother!!!

( /u_u)/