Tuesday, October 09, 2007

sneaky peak ... details to follow

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hi brother!!
you made me really happy today!
Well, twice happy indeed cause i were happy enough once i received your mail to "strangerbeast"
account few days ago ( i did not answer yet cause i´ve been really really busy, i´m moving to my own flat you know...)
Well, i cannot wait to see what you sent to me, it has a really main place on my flat to be shown brother.
By the way, I started studying Arts on university, i started it as a hobbie and i used charcoil my first time....so difficult!!!
but i think i will get the point soon or later, let´s see.
So i am drawing the classics now, and it remind me a lot of your paintings.
you can check some of them there:
not so good...but this was my first try with charcoils; anyway i am learning a lot there.

Well, thanks in advance brother, i will let you know once i receive it, ok?

best regards!!!